Ph.D. Sociology, The University of Kansas, 2019

Dissertation: “Inflexible Illegality: Immigration and integration processes of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Latino/a immigrants in the Midwest”- Expected defense date: February 2019    Co-Advisors: Cecilia Menjívar (UCLA) and ChangHwan Kim (University of Kansas)

M.A. Sociology, The University of Kansas, 2013

Thesis: “Social Class, Education, and Motherhood in a Globalized Context: Identity Construction for Student Transnational Mothers” Advisor: Shirley A. Hill (University of Kansas)

B.S. Major in Sociology, Minor in French, Grand Valley State University, 2011



 Gómez Cervantes, Andrea and Cecilia Menjívar. (Forthcoming) “Legal Violence, Health, and Access to Care: Latina Immigrants in Rural and Urban Kansas” Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea. 2019. ““Looking Mexican”: Indigenous and non-Indigenous Latino/a Immigrants, the Racialization of Illegality and its Embodiment in the Midwest” Social Problems. Online first: 10.1093/socpro/spz048

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea, Daniel Alvord, and Cecilia Menjívar. 2018. “‘Bad Hombres’: The Effects of Criminalizing Latino Immigrants through Law and Media in the Rural Midwest​” Migration Letters 15(2):182-196.

Menjívar, Cecilia, Andrea Gómez Cervantes, and Daniel Alvord. 2018. “The Expansion of Crimmigration, Mass Detention, and Deportation” Sociology Compass. Online first: DOI 10.1111/soc4.12573

Alvord, Daniel, Cecilia Menjívar, and Andrea Gómez Cervantes. 2018. “The Legal Violence in the 2017 Executive Orders: The Expansion of Immigrant Criminalization in Kansas” Social Currents. Online first: DOI: 10.1177/2329496518762001

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea, Cecilia Menjívar, and William G. Staples. 2017. ““Humane” Immigration Enforcement and Latina Immigrants in the Detention Complex” Feminist Criminology 12 (3): 269-292.         * 2017 Feminist Criminology Best Article Award

Peer-Edited (Book Chapters, Book Reviews & Encyclopedia Articles)

Abrego, Leisy J., Andrea Gómez Cervantes, Briceida Hernandez-Toledo, Leigh-Anna Hidalgo, Lucia P. Leon, Joanna B. Perez and Iris M. Ramirez. 2020. “Compassionate Pedagogies in a Pandemic: Reflections from Latina Scholars” in Latinx Talk.

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea. Forthcoming. “Illegal Immigration” in Legislating Morality in America: Debating the Morality of Controversial U.S. Laws and Policies, edited by Donald Patric Haider-Markel, Wiley-Blackwell.

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea and Cecilia Menjívar. Forthcoming.  “Mass Deportation: Forced Removal, Terrorism, and a Disposable Labor Force” in The Handbook of Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice, edited by Ramiro Martinez Jr,. Jacob I. Stowell , and Meghan Hollis, Wiley-Blackwell.

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Gómez Cervantes, Andrea and Daniel Alvord. 2018. “Disposable Labor: Migrant Workers in Agriculture and Meatpacking Industry.” Chapter for Handbook on Social Justice in Criminal Justice Edited by Cliff Roberson.

Menjívar, Cecilia, Andrea Gómez Cervantes, and Daniel Alvord. 2018. “Two Decades of Constructing Immigrants as Criminals” in Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Crime, edited by Holly Ventura Miller and Anthony Peguero, Routledge.

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea. 2017. Book Review of A. L. Sittig and M. F. González. The Mayans Among Us: Migrant Women and Meatpacking on the Great Plains (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2016. in Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1900-200.

Menjívar, Cecilia and Andrea Gómez Cervantes. 2016. “The Effects of Parental Undocumented Status on Families and Children.” in Children, Youth, & Families (CYF) News. American Psychological Association. http://www.apa.org/pi/families/resources/newsletter/2016/11/undocumented-status.aspx.

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Gómez Cervantes, Andrea and Shirley A. Hill. 2015. “Families, the State, and Politics” American Political Culture: An Encyclopedia, edited by Michael Shally-Jensen. Wiley-Blackwell.

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea. 2012. “For My Children: Motherhood Identity in Transnational Families (Preliminary Results).” People of KU, Volume 3 Issue 1.

Gómez Cervantes, Andrea. 2011. “Breaking Stereotypes by Obtaining an Education: Latinas’ Family Values and Traditions on the School Institution” McNair Journal, Volume 14.


2019    University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCLA                                  (Mentor Leisy Abrego)

2018     Latin American Studies Association, Latino Studies Section, Travel Award

2017       Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, National Academies of Science

 American Sociological Association, Minority Fellowship Program (Co-Sponsored   by Sociologist for Women in Society)

 National Science Foundation, Sociology Program, Doctoral Dissertation  Research  Improvement Award

2016      Morris C. Pratt Travel Scholarship

Latin American Studies Association Travel Grant

Graduate Student Grant Program, Center for Migration Research

 Institute for Policy & Social Research, Fellow’s Scholarship

 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, National Academies of Science                          *Honorable Mention

Carroll D. Clark Award For Professional Service

Doctoral Student Research Fund, University of Kansas

2015       University of Kansas Graduate Research Travel Fund

Morris C. Pratt Travel Scholarship

Morris C. Pratt Research Scholarship

2014      Carlin Graduate Teaching Award

2013      Carroll D. Clark Pre-MA Award

Morris C. Pratt Travel Scholarship

2012     Helen Waddell Roofe Scholarship

Morris C. Pratt Research Scholarship

2010    Michigan Sociological Association Student Paper Competition

 “Gaining Independence: Family Values and Traditions Effect on Higher Education.”

McNair Scholar, Grand Valley State University


UC Promise, “Advancing Research to Promote Immigrant and Student Equity: A Professional Development Workshop,”  University of California, Irvine, 2019

Institute for Policy & Social Research, Fellows Program The University of Kansas, 2016-17

International Migration, Integration, and Social Cohesion Summer School Program (IMISCOE), Princeton University, 2016

Institute for Policy & Social Research, Graduate Working Group on Qualitative Research, The University of Kansas,  2015-ongoing

Center for Teaching Excellence (Multiple workshops) The University of Kansas 2012-ongoing


American Sociological Association, International Migration Section, Student Representative, 2018-2019

Sociologists for Women in Society, Program Committee for the 2018 Summer Meeting

American Sociological Association, Latino Sociology Section, Student Representative, 2016-2018

Reviewer: American Journal of Sociology, Journal of Immigrant Health

Co-editor: Social Thought and Research, 2012-2013


American Sociological Association

Latin American Studies Association

Sociologists for Women in Society

American Society of Criminology

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